We have put together some questions and answers below.  If you have any others questions please let us know here.

We have three options for creating a profile.

There is our Free Plan which is completely free.  It does not include all of the features but most of them.  The free plan duration is for 1 year.

There is our Deluxe Monthly Plan which is $2.95 per month.  Cancel at anytime.  It includes all of the features

There is our Deluxe Annual Plan which is $24.95 per year.  It includes all of our features.

You can read about all of the pricing plans and features here.

Absolutely not.  Any and all leads that you generate from our site are free.  We make it easy for people to call you, contact you directly from our website (Deluxe Plans only) and we make it easy for people to go to your website.

Neameus.com is a local business directory for the US.

It is designed to help people find local business “near me”.  You may have seen that Google, Bing, and YAHOO suggests “near me” when you are searching on Google, Bing, and YAHOO.  For example, on Google start typing “hotels” and you will see that they suggest the search “hotels near me”.  Our website is optimized to show up for those searches.  That means that your profile can show up for searches on Google, Bing, and YAHOO.

Nearmeus.com makes it easy for people to get directions to your location.  We also make it easy for them to call you.  We make it easy for them to go to your website as well.

Certainly.  You can have as many listings as you need.  Let’s say that you have 10 locations.  You can have 10 listings.  The cost for you is determined by the plan that you select.  For example, you could even have 10 free listings.  If you want to have our Deluxe Plan which includes the ability to prevent ads on your listing then it would be the cost of the plan x 10.  You can do this all from your single profile.  No need to create multiple profiles.

By the way, if you need multiple listings we can make the process of creating them easy for you!  Contact us here and tell us how many you need.