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Near Me for Businesses

Nearmeus.com is for sale!  Learn more here.

Nearmeus.com makes it easier for companies to be found when people are doing “near me” searches in the search engines including Google, Bing and YAHOO.  Have you noticed that they are suggesting “near me” when you do a search?


near me searches

Start typing in “hotels” and the search engines will suggest “hotels near me”.  Type in “plumbers” and they suggest “plumbers near me”.  This is especially true for most things!  Some of the biggest growth in searches is for “near me” searches.  We can help you with this.

google near me searches

Google Searches

For many searches in Google they suggest “near me”.  If you check the volume of searches with Google many of the most popular searches are now “[keyword] near me”.

Bing Searches

The same is true for Bing.  For many searches in Bing they suggest “near me”.  

bing near me searches
yahoo near me searches

Yahoo Searches

The same is true for YAHOO.  For many searches in YAHOO they suggest “near me”.  

We help you in many ways including:

Search Engines

The nearmeus.com website is optimized to show up for “near me” searches.  That means your listing can show up for people’s “near me” searches.


We provide a link back to your website.  This helps improve the SEO for your website.  The Better SEO = more traffic to your website.


Nearmeus.com makes it easy for people to buy from you.  We provides links for people to call you, message you and visit your website.

Create a Free Listing for your Business!

Plus we never charge for leads that you generate!