Our SEO Services

We are an SEO agency that creates and implements search engine optimization strategies based on data.  We use data from the search engines for our research and we collect various data for our clients.  This includes lead and sales data.  It includes data from the search engines.  We include data from Google Analytics.  We create visualizations in our client dashboards and provide all of our clients with 24/7/365 access to their dashboard.

The most valuable data, which is actionable, is our list of the most valuable searches for each client.  These are the searches which are done by people who have the intent to hire our client.  We track our client’s organic rankings for these searches as well as the rankings for their competitors.  We then optimize our clients’ website so they outrank their competitors for these searches.

This helps our clients generate higher-quality leads which result in higher revenue per sale.

Oh, and it eliminates the need for PPC ads.  (We have eliminated PPC ads for 100% of our clients.)

We Are a Different Type of SEO Company

We use data to help our clients outrank their competitors.  We track everything in a dashboard.  We provide our clients with 100% transparency by giving them access to their dashboard 24/7/365.  We don’t send you reports from Google Analytics that you don’t know how to interpret.

Local SEO that Works

We place an emphasis on targeting people within specific geographic regions for our clients.  This is because they work in very specific cities.  It doesn’t do any good to target everybody.  By being very specific in our targeting we can target the right people who are doing searches and who have the intent to hire a company like yours.

We utilize on-site and off-site tactics in performing our local SEO services.  We understand what can be done on your website in order to rank high for very specific searches.  We also understand how to increase exposure for our clients in other ways.